The meeting
Our aim is that talks at this conference should not only discuss achievements but also ongoing work and future possibilities. 

We encourage the speakers to challenge the listeners, not just in terms of scientific understanding but also imagination. We encourage you to reflect on what you just heard, and to approach your colleagues with questions and suggestions.
  • Keynote talks (45minutes), which will overview exciting areas of 2D nanomaterial research
  • Invited talks (30 minutes), which will explain challenges, not just accomplishments
  • Contributed talks (15 minutes), for singularly focused scientific reports representing the state of the art
  • Focus on emerging research and emerging researchers.
  • Focus on grand challenges (2019)
  • Short sessions and room for discussion - we try to keep sessions relatively short, with 30 minutes coffee breaks.
  • We offer lunch both days
  • We will keep you topped up on water, coffee and snacks, and let you focus on the scientific content.

Organisers and programme committee 


Danish labs, institutes and centers related to graphene and nanotechnology
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