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Invited speakers

Avik Ghosh: Electronic switching using Tunable Dirac fermion optics
Lene Gammelgaard: Lithographic band structure engineering of graphene
Sergey Slizovskiy: Surface states of Bernal and rhombohedral graphite
Lapo Bogani: Topological effects in the quantum transport of molecular graphene nanoribbons
Maria Iliut: Graphene-enhanced elastomers and their applications
Viktoria Ritter: Silicene passivation by few-layer graphene
Alireza Taghizadeh: Anomalous excitonic signature in nonlinear spin Hall current of monolayer TMDs
 Martha Scheffler: Graphene-coating of Platinum nanoparticles
Jan-Philip Joost: Correlation Effects and the Topological Band Structure of Graphene Nanoribbon Heterojunctions     

Itai Epstein: Extremely Efficient Light-Exciton Interaction in a Monolayer Semiconductor Van der Waals Heterostructure Cavity

Check out the formatted poster abstracts and read about the presenters:
  1. Philipp Schmidt: Band gap opening in dual-gated bilayer graphene heterostructure devices
  2. Nils Goedecke: Contacts to 2D materials with vanishing Schottky barriers by NanoFrazor lithography
  3. Johannes H. J. Martiny: Tunable Valley Hall Effect in Graphene Superlattices
  4. Sudarshan Vijay: Metal-Nitrogen-Carbon catalysts for CO2 reduction
  5. Claudia Struzzi: MaxPEEM- a dedicated photoemission microscopy and spectroscopy beamline at MAX IV Laboratory
  6. Nicolas Stenger: Exploring strong light-matter interactions in monocrystalline gold nanodisks coupled to tungsten disulfide
  7. Raluca-Maria Stan: Single-layer NbS2 on Au (111): crystal structure and electronic characterization
  8. Niels Pichon and Joachim Sødequist: A novel approach to electron transport research and teaching using Virtual Reality
  9. Sabrine Ayari: Low-temperature dynamics of free and localized excitons in Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs)
  10. Zachary Winter: The role of copper orientation on oxide formation and force adhesion of CVD graphene
  11. Patrick R. Whelan: Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy for electrical homogeneity mapping of graphene
  12. Vaida Arcisauskaite: First-Principles Simulations of 2D Heterojunction Tunneling Field-Effect Transistors using QuantumATK
  13. Joachim Dahl Thomsen: Anisotropic Oxidation of Suspended Graphene: Etch Dynamics and Stability Beyond 1000 °C
  14. Abhay Shivayogimath: A universal approach for the synthesis of two-dimensional compounds by chemical vapour deposition
  15. Mattia Scardamaglia: Highlighting the dynamics of 2D materials protection to oxidation of copper under operando condition
  16. Michal Prokop: Scanning gate microscopy of gated MoS2 nanoribbons
  17. Vaiva Nagyte: Raman Spectroscopy of Electrochemically Exfoliated Graphene
  18. Hadeel Moustafa: Identification of 1D materials through database screening
  19. Mads Nibe Larsen & Mads Svanborg Peters: Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy on various samples containing graphene
  20. David M. A. Mackenzie: Qualitative analysis of scanning gate microscopy on epitaxial graphene
  21. Alessandro Lodi: Molecular Graphenoids as Quantum Units
  22. Susanne Leitherer: Current-induced atomic forces in gated graphene nanoconstrictions
  23. Marko Kralj: Chemical doping of atomically thin materials
  24. Claus F. P. Kastorp: Substrate Induced Periodic Modulation of Bilayer Graphene
  25. T. A. de Jong: Imaging strain and twist in van der Waals materials
  26. Himanshu Sekhar Jena: Covalent Triazine based 2D Materials for Heterogeneous Catalysis
  27. Håkon Røst and Frode Strand: Low-Temperature and Patterned Growth of Graphene- Dielectric-Semiconductor Heterostructure Systems
  28. Moritz Fischer: Luminescent defects in hBN activated by oxygen plasma
  29. Anna Elsukova: Organic Ice Resist Lithography: a new twist on electron-beam based nanofabrication
  30. Eli B. Carlin-Coleman: Robotic assembly of graphene-based heterostructures
  31. Andrew Cassidy: Hydrogenating graphene on Pt(111); the C-Pt bond
  32. Virginia Boix: Towards two-dimensional Van Der Waals stacked heterostructures via electron assisted growth
  33. AmirAli Abbaspourmani: Large-scale Micro-patterning of CVD Graphene by Hot Punching
  34. Aran Garcia-Lekue: Multi-color molecular LEGO bricks: tweaking the properties of graphene nanostructures
  35. Neeraj Mishra: Going beyond copper - wafer-scale synthesis of graphene on sapphire

In addition the following poster titles will be presented: 
  • Anne Sinterhauf: substrate induced nanoscale resistance variation in epitaxial graphene
  • Phanish Chava: Band-to-Band tunneling in two-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures
  • David Curcio: Time-resolved X-Ray photoelectron diffraction of photoexcited graphene
  • Jonas Bertelsen: Inelastic tunnel spectroscopy of graphene: first principles calculations
  • Richard Balog: Low temperature scanning tunneling microscope light emission
  • Stephen Power: Segregated transport channels in sidewall nanoribbons