Keynote and invited talks are closed. We still accept proposals for contributed talks, and of course poster abstracts (click here for abstract submission page). 

Keynote speakers

Invited speakers

Avik Ghosh: Electronic switching using Tunable Dirac fermion optics
Alicia de Andras: Oxidation of Copper Covered by Graphene: the relevance of copper morphology and crystalline structure
Lene Gammelgaard: Lithographic band structure engineering of graphene
Sergey Slizovskiy: Surface states of Bernal and rhombohedral graphite
Lapo Bogani: Topological effects in the quantum transport of molecular graphene nanoribbons
Maria Iliut: Graphene-enhanced elastomers and their applications
Viktoria Ritter: Silicene passivation by few-layer graphene
Alireza Taghizadeh: Anomalous excitonic signature in nonlinear spin Hall current of monolayer TMDs
 Martha Scheffler: Graphene-coating of Platinum nanoparticles
Jan-Philip Joost: Correlation Effects and the Topological Band Structure of Graphene Nanoribbon Heterojunctions