Martha Scheffler: Graphene-coating of Platinum nanoparticles

posted 28 May 2019, 05:03 by info admin   [ updated 29 May 2019, 02:57 ]
Martha Scheffler, Andrew Cassidy, and Liv Hornekaer
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University

Despite the great potential that has been reported for core-shell metal-metal nanoparticles in catalytic processes and biomedical applications, similar reports on graphene-coated nanoparticles are lacking. Graphene coatings prevent nanoparticles from sintering, increase the temperature stability, and can prevent corrosive species from blocking the catalytically active sites. For some single crystal systems, graphene coatings have been shown to have beneficial effects, improving reaction efficiency. 
I will present measurements on graphene-coated Platinum nanoparticles. Pt nanoparticles of tens of nm in diameter were grown on a HOPG support by MBE. Subsequent annealing in ethylene yields a graphene coating layer on the nanoparticles that is tested on its catalytic and reactive properties. I will show scanning tunneling microscopy data, describing the shape and size of the nanoparticles and their graphene coating layer, XPS data to compare the chemical properties before and after coating, and TPD data proving the protective properties of the coating against exposure to CO.

Martha Scheffler is a postdoctoral member of Liv Hornekaer’s group at Aarhus University. Her current project is the coating of metal nanoparticles (used e.g. for photonics or catalysis) with graphene. By studying the effects of graphene functionalization on the coated nanoparticles with spectroscopic and microscopic methods, she hopes to enhance the plasmonic properties. She graduated with a diploma in physics (MSc) from Dresden Technical University in 2011. Subsequently, she started her PhD studies in the group of Christian Hess/Bernd Buechner at the Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW Dresden). After obtaining a PhD in physics (Dr.rer.nat), she shortly joined the group of Martin Knupfer as a postdoctoral researcher (IFW Dresden).