Bjarke Jørgensen: Graphene based broadband photodetectors for food inspections

posted 1 Jun 2017, 08:24 by Peter Boggild
Newtec Engineering A/S, Denmark

Today, farmers and food producers optimize production value by sorting products on parameter such as size, surface quality and weight. This approach unfortunately only reveals information on physical properties of the produce, while valuable biochemical information, such as information about sugar-, starch- and amino acid-content, is not taken into account. Hyperspectral imaging in the near- and short wavelength infrared (SWIR) region can reveal this type information [1]. However, existing SWIR imaging sensors are expensive, fragile and provide only relatively low spatial resolution. Graphene-quantum-dot hybrid photodetectors show great promise for such imaging applications, as large responsivities may be achieved over a broad spectral range [2]. We have recently developed a simple platform to investigate such detectors and are currently trying to optimize and scale up toward imaging applications.  At NEWTEC we have for the last six years been studying graphene, while insisting to keep a broad vision in our approach, as we see a large potential for graphene, and other two-dimensional materials, to make a significant impact on the industry. Up until now, we have established valuable insights in terms of graphene production, both from bottom up and top-down principles. Graphene synthesis on Cu by CVD as well as graphene transfer and quantum dot synthesis is routinely performed in-house.

[1] Kjær, A. et al. Prediction of Starch, Soluble Sugars and Amino Acids in Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) Using Hyperspectral Imaging, Dielectric and LF-NMR Methodologies. Potato Res. 59, 357–374 (2016).
[2] Goossens, S. et al. Broadband image sensor array based on graphene–CMOS integration. Nat. Photonics 11, 366–371 (2017).

Bjarke Jørgensen is Head of Research at Newtec Engineering A/S. His research focuses on developing methods for food inspection based on impedance spectroscopy, dielectric spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging. The research and development team at Newtec Engineering has for the last six years been focusing on the synthesis, functionalization and structuring of graphene in order to explore the potential use of this novel material for future applications.