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Alexander Balatsky: Driven Dirac Materials

posted 7 Apr 2017, 04:51 by Peter Bøggild

Nordita and Los Alamos

Recent rapid developments in time resolved probes and in manipulation of quantum matter in time domain open opportunities to control correlations and instabilities of electronic states in time domain. I will discuss applications of these ideas to Dirac Materials[1]. Dirac Materials exhibit nodes in the spectra that result in the strong energy dependence of the Density of States (DOS). Hence the driven and nonequilibrium Dirac Materials offer a platform for investigation of collective instabilities of Dirac nodes via controlled tuning of the coupling constants with drive. I will present the results of  investigation of the many body instabilities, like excitonic instabilities, in driven Dirac Materials[2]. Recent optical pump experiments are consistent with the creation of long lived states away from equilibrium in Dirac Materials [2] and hence pave the way to tunable interactions in Dirac Materials.

1. T. O. Wehling, et.al. Dirac materials. Advances in Physics, 63(1):1–76, (2014).

2. Christopher Triola, et.al,  Excitonic Gap Formation in Pumped Dirac Materials, arXiv:1701.04206, (2017).

A.Balatsky is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Nordita and a Director of the Institute for Materials Science at Los Alamos. He got his PhD at the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, 1987. After a PD at Urbana Champaign with D. Pines he moved to Los Alamos as an Oppenheimer Fellow. Awards include  fellow of  the American Physical Society (2003), Los Alamos Fellow (2005) American  Association for Advanced of Science (2013) and ITS Senior Fellow at ETHZ (2016). Main research interests include superconductivity, superfluidity and Dirac Materials. Recent focus of research at our group has been on Dirac materials and dynamic orders including odd frequency superconductivity and driven collective states in Dirac Materials.