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Mads Nibe Larsen & Mads Svanborg Peters: Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy on various samples containing graphene

posted 6 Aug 2019, 09:11 by info admin
Mads Nibe Larsen1&2, Mads Svanborg Peters1&2, Bjarke Jensen2, Martha Scheffler 3, 
Jakob Kjelstrup-Hansen1, Ole Albrektsen1, Bjarke Jørgensen2 
1University of Southern Denmark, 2Newtec Engineering A/S, 3Aarhus University 

Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM) is a variation of the Atomic Force Microscopy technique and is used to measure the contact potential difference (CPD) between a conductive tip and a sample. This makes it possible to obtain information about the electrical properties of the sample in question - information which is otherwise unseen in topographical measurements. This technique has been used to examine the correlation between topographical and CPD measurements of samples containing graphene. The samples include NaT2 on graphene on Silicon Dioxide as well as graphene coated palladium nanoparticles on HOPG. 

Mads Nibe Larsen and Mads Svanborg Peters are currently (Fall 2019) taking their master’s degree in Engineering - Physics and Technology at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark in Odense. During their bachelor’s project they have been working in collaboration with Newtec Engineering to construct a reference sample suitable for the KPFM technique. Furthermore, the project also involved examining how different system parameters (eg. PID parameters) affect the quality of the captured CPD images. 
All measurements have been made at the facilities of Odense based company, Newtec Engineering A/S, Stærmosegårdsvej 18, 5230 Odense M, Denmark.