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Chengyi Hou: Graphene papers for energy conversion and storage under sunlight and heat

posted 27 Jul 2015, 00:18 by info admin
1 Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark 
2 State Key Laboratory for Modification of Chemical Fibers and Polymer Materials, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Donghua University

All-graphene devices have attracted significant interest in transistor and photodetector applications owing to photothermoelectric effects of graphene. However, their solar energy conversion and utilization ability has not been fully explored due to disadvantages of their transparency and 2-dimentional structure in this special field. Here, we propose the potential of all-graphene based papers for energy conversion and storage under sunlight and heat. We show that macroscopic graphene papers provides advantages over graphene nanomaterials in converting large area power sources, namely solar and thermal energy into considerable electric output. We also report a graphene paper stack with p-n interfaces that incorporates a solar/thermal energy cell and a p-n junction capacitor, which can be simultaneously used for energy conversion and storage with a charge-storage capacity of 54 F g-1 at one sun intensity.

Chengyi Hou received his Ph.D from Donghua University, China in 2014. He is currently a H.C. Ørsted-Marie Curie research fellow doing research at DTU, Denmark. His research focuses on design, three-dimensional assembly and property of stimuli-responsive graphene-based hybrids and nanomaterials.