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Thomas Aktor: Electronic transport in graphene nanoribbons with sublattice-asymmetric doping

posted 27 Jul 2015, 00:01 by info admin

DTU Nanotech, Theoretical Nanotechnology group, Technical university of Denmark,  DK

The electronic properties of graphene have, since the discovery of the material in 2004, been greatly investigated. Especially the promise for a next generation of electronic components has led to research being done that aims to manipulate these properties.  One of the goals has been to create a bandgap in the usually gapless material without diminishing the high level of conduction usually found. Recently, it was discovered that it is possible to break the usual sublattice symmetry by substitutional doping, and furthermore that this leads to a bandgap forming. Our investigation [1] is a general theoretical study on graphene nanoribbons doped in this manner, and it shows, amongst others, large edge dependence and high conducting channels forming. 

1. Thomas Aktor, Antti-Pekka Jauho, Stephen R. Power, arXiv:1504.03452.

Thomas Aktor is currently a Ph.d. student at DTU nanotech, at the Technical university of Denmark, working with disorder-induced properties in 2-dimensional materials. He has a bachelor degree in physics from the University of Copenhagen, and a Master’s degree in engineering in physics and nanotechnology from the Technical university of Denmark.