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Hugh Churchill: Dispersive readout of as-grown carbon nanotube double quantum dots

posted 5 Aug 2011, 06:22 by Peter Bøggild
Department of Physics, Harvard University, 11 Oxford St. Cambridge MA, US

This talk will describe the fabrication and measurement of carbon nanotube quantum dot devices designed to satisfy the requirements of spin qubit applications. These requirements include low disorder for reliable access to the few-electron regime, detection of charge states, and rapid manipulation with multiple gates. Low disorder is achieved by completing all lithography steps prior to nanotube growth; however, this fabrication method is incompatible with charge detection using proximal charge sensors. We eliminate the need for dedicated charge sensors by demonstrating multiplexed dispersive readout of charge states. In this approach, superconducting resonators are attached to a gate and both leads of the quantum dot to enable reflectometry measurements.

Hugh Churchill is a PhD candidate in the group of Charles Marcus at Harvard University. His research has focused on quantum transport measurements of carbon nanotube and Ge/Si nanowire quantum dot devices, with a particular emphasis on charge detection schemes in these systems.