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Vladimir Fal'ko: Graphene optics and magnetooptics

posted 20 Jul 2011, 08:24 by Peter Boggild
Department of Physics, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YB, UK

Optical properties of graphene will be reviewed, including the manifestation of chiral properties of electrons in ARPES, absorption of light by monolayers and bilayers, and magnetooptics. Signature of electronic excitations in Raman and theory of magnetophonon resonance will be discussed, with reference to recent experimental observations.

Vladimir Falko is Distinguished Professor and Head of Theory Division at Physics Department, Lancaster University. He works on theory of low-dimensional electronic materials, quantum transport in mesoscale systems, and fundamentals of nanoelectronics. Since 2005, his main interest lies in modelling physical properties of graphene and graphene-based devices.