Carbonhagen 2019 a two-day symposium on graphenecarbon nanotubes, and other two-dimensional/layered nanomaterials jointly organised by the Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen. The symposium will cover mechanical, electronic, chemical and optical properties, device fabrication, integration and applications of the emerging family of 2D materials, to give the best possible snapshot of the state of the research field anno 2019, and its future direction. 

Grand challenges. This year we will direct the spotlight on grand challenges between now and a better future. We will showcase research that demonstrates how nanomaterials can make it happen. 


  • Top-class speakers, whose work show the directions of future research, and who are able to illuminate complex topics for us all.

  • Focus on challenges and open questions, not just past performance, and "finalised" research.

  • Intense and interactive. Single sessions, generous breaks, and low participation limit keeps the meeting intense and cosy. 

  • Low participation barrier. Low fees = low barriers for newcomers and students, convenient location in wonderful Copenhagen. 

  • Lunch, coffee, and other refreshments covered both days (Dinner is optional) to keep you fresh and happy. 

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Keynote speakers
Top-tier researchers who can guide you through important complex subjects in a comprehensive way, while sharing their landmark results and insights. 

Invited speakers
Leading researchers with novel results of the high importance, who also know how to introduce a topic and to highlight issues and questions we still need to deal with.

Contributed speakers
Singular, focused reports giving accurate, comprehensive snapshots of the state of the art.

Young researchers
The next generation of researchers selected by their potential and excellence.

The deadline for poster presentations will be August 1, 2019. 

Sponsors and exhibitors

Support a great meeting and/or show your products to a high-quality crowd. Contact us at


Registration will open April 1, 2019. We will admit only up to 160 participants, to keep the meeting small and intense.


Lundbeckfond Auditorium 

University of Copenhagen 
Ole Måløesvej 5, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. 
(see map)