SPECS: Innovative surface science instruments & UHVsystems. SPECS is specialized in the development and production of customized UHV surface analysis systems. SPECS’ scientists and engineers are embedded in a global team of more than 150 employees designing, producing, selling and maintaining instruments for surface science, material science and nanotechnology. 

SwissLitho is a young high-tech company with the vision to change the way nanostructures are commonly made. Our unique nanolithography tools, called NanoFrazor,trace their origins to the Millipede project from IBM Research Zurich. The multiple-patented technology uses heatable silicon tips for patterning and simultaneous imaging of arbitrary high-resolution nanostructures. The NanoFrazor opens up new and unprecedented possibilities for nanofabrication in order to accelerate scientific and technological progress in all fields of nanotechnology. 



The QuantumATK team at Synopsys develops the QuantumATK simulation tool for fast and reliable atomic-scale modeling of 3D/2D/1D materials, nanostructures, and nanoelectronic devices. Use QuantumATK to compute a wide range of material properties, such as electronic, structural, optical, thermal, magnetic, mechanical, electronic and thermal transport, electron-phonon coupling, piezoelectricity, and thermoelectricity. QuantumATK is fully supported and delivered in an easy-to-use interface, tailored from state-of-the-art methods, and developed by experts to the specifications of our customers. Atomic-scale modeling tools in QuantumATK range from classical force fields to semi-empirical models and DFT with either LCAO or plane-wave basis sets. 

NIL Technology specializes in replication of micro- and nanostructures. We develop solutions for advanced high-tech components, focusing on optical applications for sensors, imaging and displays. 
We enable future optical solutions for Smartphones, Augmented Reality, IoT, Automotive and more.