If you are interested in giving a talk, you can contact us directly at with your proposal.

Types of contributions

  • Keynote speakers use 40 minutes (+4 minute discussion) to overview important parts of the field in clear, pedagogical terms, rooted in their own research, and with time to share their personal views of where the research is headed, and what the main challenges are. 
  • Invited speakers have 25 minutes (+4 min discussion) for treating a topic with depth and perspective, highlighting not only their important, recent achievements but also the issues still left to solve. 
  • Contributed speakers have 12 (+2 minutes discussion) for single-result presentations of emerging, exciting research.
  • Young researchers are Ph.D. students or postdocs (within 3 years of graduation) selected based on potential and excellence.
  • Poster presentations can show finished or ongoing research projects, which is a great way to get feedback on your work from leading researchers in the field, and an opportunity to showcase ongoing and emerging research. 

How to submit an abstract

The abstract consists of four parts

  • Abstract text (1500 characters, including up to 3 references)
  • Mini-CV / Biography (1500 characters max)
  • Portrait photo
  • Research image - illustrating your research in a clear manner
You submit the parts, alongside your name and affiliation by clicking this link

What we will do

  • We will format and post the abstracts on the homepage as they are accepted, on a running basis (at latest August 8). 
  • The abstracts will appear in the printed book of abstracts - as long as we receive them before the deadline.
  • We will "consolidate" the programme within the first week of August.